Our Garden

I  like gardens but I don’t consider myself to be a great gardener.  I throw things together and see what happens.  For me it is all about trial and error and having fun not right or wrong and that’s what I teach the children.

We started our first gardening adventure in 2007 with a 2 foot by 6 foot raised bed and planted corn, sunflowers, zucchini, peas and cucumbers.  The following year we added two more raised beds and tried some other plants too.

This spring, as part of a complete overhaul of the yard the planter boxes were removed and now we’ve got a 12 x 12 garden.  The best part is that we can actually go right in and be with the plants.

We’ve got corn, zucchini, mint, spinach, wheat (we grind this up to flour and bake with it), tomatoes, orange peppers, swiss chard, sorrel, kale, peas and cucumbers.

There are pots with sunflowers, beans and strawberries around the yard as well.

So far we’ve only eaten a few peas and some zucchini flowers but soon we expect some more to be ready.

Watering the garden and hunting for bugs and picking weeds are the children’s favorite activities.

What do you think?

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