Adventure Garden

Our garden had run amok. With a combination of diverse weather and busy days with little time to spend in our garden it had become overgrown.  The children occasionally ventured a few steps inside but no further.  If the zucchini and cucumber plants were not so prickly they may have enjoyed playing in the ‘jungle’.

Other creatures were more impressed — especially the multitude of cabbage butterflies.

They were destroying our kale but I didn’t mind because the children loved chasing them around the yard.  Nonetheless I decided it was time to do some pruning.

As I worked my way along the paths, I trimmed leaves and tied branches up to the trellis.  The children were close on my heels — whispering excitedly about the progress that was being made.  They were also thrilled about the discoveries we made as we ventured further into the garden.

The paths are still not very wide and the plants are taller than the children so the garden is indeed a place for adventure and discovery.

What do you think?

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