Seasons, Weather and Play

We go outside to play everyday throughout the year in all types of weather.  On very wet days we sometimes just go for a walk.  On very cold days we may only be out side for 15 minutes but that is usually because it took so long to get everyone dressed that we didn’t have enough time left to play longer.  There are regulations about not taking the children outside in extreme cold temperatures so there are days when we are not allowed to play outside.  I’ve got a weather station in my yard that measures everything including wind chill – when you consider that my yard is sheltered by trees and buildings the weather conditions at the airport are irrelevant. Most often the reason our outdoor play is restricted is due to inappropriate clothing.  I do have a supply of extra hats, mitts, sweaters, and ski pants for those occasions when somebody forgot something.

This fall has been amazing.  It is mid October and we are still experiencing summer-like temperatures.  I have to laugh at some of my confused garden plants.  There are several new zucchinis growing and the beans have sprouted new vines and now have flowers too!  We have been taking advantage of the fabulous weather and getting in as much outdoor play time as our schedule will allow.  I’m hoping though that winter doesn’t hit us suddenly.  The fall ‘cool down’ period is important to help prepare us for the harsh winter weather.

There have been many stories on the news related to the weather.  With temperatures 10 degrees Celsius above the norm for this time of year some people are spending October days at the beach – incredible!  I love it!  Unfortunately not everyone has been taking advantage of this rare opportunity.  There’s a new place in town — an indoor play centre that boasts about their multi level play structure, sports area, bouncer, video games and TV all in one “clean and safe environment”.  Every time I pass this place the parking lot is packed.  I am saddened and appalled that anyone would choose to take their children to a place like this over a day at the park.

What do you think?

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