Owl Ornaments

I found some adorable owl ornaments at Superstore.  They were in the Christmas decoration department but I didn’t buy them for Christmas.  They were made from pinecones, feathers and twigs and I thought they would be perfect for the Nature area.

I didn’t have time to put them in the nature area right away so I left them in their package (so the cats didn’t eat them) and set them on the windowsill in the dining room.  I stopped by often to look at them and tell them how sweet they were.  The first time the children came into the dining room most of them had the same reaction.  They giggled and squealed about how cute the owls were.

As the majority of the children ate their snack they also chatted with the owls.  One child, however, barely ate.  He kept his body turned slightly away from the windowsill with his hand cupped beside his face blocking his view of the owls.  Every once in a while he would put his hand down and look at the ornaments, groan, roll his eyes and turn his chair just a little farther away from the window.

I asked him why he didn’t like them — what was it about them that bothered him? He responded by banging his fist on the table and snarling – “They keep staring at me!”  I found his response to be interesting – and a little humorous.  I wondered if he would feel the same way about the owls once they were moved to their new home in the nature area.

That evening at supper I mentioned the incident to my husband and was surprised to find out that he too found the owls ‘creepy’ and was hoping they would be relocated soon.  So, now I’m really curious.  They’ve been moved to their ‘natural’ environment.  What do you think — creepy or adorable?