My Wish List

I’ve stated before that I am a collector of ‘stuff’.  Often this stuff is just items that I find interesting but don’t have a use for – yet.   However, sometimes there are items I want but can’t find or items that I don’t have enough of.

I’ve found parents and neighbours to be a great resource for materials that we need.  The statement “We were just going to throw this out but thought you might be able to use it” has been the preface to some truly great donations.

Admittedly sometimes there are things that even I have way too much of — things like crayons, old catalogs and magazines.  Certainly we use these things but our suppliers outnumber our users by far.

Many of the things I could use are common, everyday items that people don’t realize I collect.  Other things are available elsewhere but I don’t have access to a steady supply.  From time to time I have posted notices in the entrance for items that I am seeking but I have found that this doesn’t always reach a wide audience.

So with that in mind I am starting a “Wish List” page for items that we would like more of.  Check it out here or by clicking on the link at the top of this page