Our Indoor Garden

Our indoor gardening adventure has begun.  It was about a month ago that we first put soil in containers and planted some seeds.

It took another two weeks for me to get the plant light up so when our seedlings first sprouted they got a little ‘leggy’ looking for enough light.  After they were moved under the light their growth improved.  I brought some bigger plants from the windowsill to fill the space since our seedlings are not yet very big.

The netting in front of the garden space is to keep the cats away from the plants – and the fountain.  I love fountains (I have several) but the cats are infatuated with siphoning all the water from them so I usually give up trying to use them.  Having plants by the fountain would be an added buffet option for the cats but the netting is a deterrent.

The indoor garden was progressing well and all the plants were thriving.

Then I noticed some small flies around the bigger plants.  Further inspection and a little research resulted in the conclusion that we have a white fly infestation and the battle to save the plants has begun.

Quarantines have been set up.  Mass pruning and plant washing schedule have begun and white fly traps have been set (yellow cardboard coated in Vaseline).  Only time will tell if it will be enough to save these plants or if we’ll have to start over.