I really planned to publish this post yesterday but my new computer and I had another dispute over who’s in control and I gave up – briefly. Now I’m back in charge.

We are now in what I refer to as ‘birthday season’ since for the last several years our birthday calendar has looked a little lopsided with all the birthdays in the first half of the year.  You may remember from my previous post about holidays that I am not a fan of extravagant celebrations.  This does not mean we can’t celebrate special days.

Although many – probably most, children eagerly anticipate birthdays there are some that don’t appreciate all the fanfare. They are usually the quiet ones who try to stay out of the lime light.  Over the years we have tried various birthday celebrations to try to accommodate all.

So, for birthdays here this is what we do;

  • We have various birthday hats, crowns and ribbons that the birthday child may choose to wear throughout the day if they choose to.
  • Lunch on a birthday is usually pizza followed by ice cream cake.  Occasionally the ‘party’ is held at afternoon snack if the birthday child is not here for lunch.
  • I have a ‘birthday box’ of various items from which the birthday child gets to pick their gift.

It’s simple enough to not overwhelm yet still lets the birthday child have a special day.