More Snow

Snow in winter is the norm here.  Some years we get more than others but there is always an abundance of the white stuff to play with.

I like winter. I love snow. However, this year snowfall amounts are becoming excessive.  I am running out of places to put the snow that I shovel off the walkways.

The path through the garden area seems like a gorge.

The platform on our prairie hill now requires a step down and where are all the toys?

Who needs toys when you have hills and valleys, cliffs and tunnels.

So yesterday when we looked out the window during our circle time weather check there was a lot of excitement about the huge fluffy flakes filling the air and blanketing the ground.  With temperature at a balmy -5 Celsius and no wind we couldn’t wait to get outside.

For an hour we dug holes, shovelled paths, jumped and rolled until it was time to retrieve our Kindergarten friend from school.  We left a little earlier than usual because I anticipated the walk to be a slow with all the fresh snow but even I was surprised once we left the shelter of the yard.

The well-used sidewalks now had knee high drifts for the preschoolers. There was a moment of hesitation as we turned the corner and were confronted by a white curtain. ‘How will we know when we get to the school?” questioned the children when they realized they could no longer see the familiar landmarks.  Visibility had been drastically reduced by the falling snow – we we’re grateful that there were no accompanying blizzard winds.

Our regular 15 minute walk to school took us nearly half an hour.  When we arrived we heard many comments about our troop of snow people.  Joined by the kindergarten child we headed back home for lunch.

The return trip was difficult for some.  Exhaustion had begun to take over.  We’ve had enough snow.  Hurry up spring – but please don’t bring a flood.