Yesterday we had a visitor.

The competency based assessment program through which I earned my ECE II classification requires participants to tour and observe several other childcare facilities.  Now that I have completed the program I have the opportunity to assist other providers as they further their learning.

Our visitor was here to see what a typical day here is like.  She was here to get ideas for room arrangements, to learn about our program, and to observe how we handle any issues that we may face.

I had prepared the children in advance.  As with any special event it was marked on our calendar and we discussed it as part of our daily circle time.  We’ve had visitors before and because most of the children have been in my care for years they know the routine and were eager to assist.

Not all the children were present when our visitor first arrived but those that were enthusiastically began the tour.  They showed her the play areas and explained what each area was for.  They demonstrated how to use the toys and described in detail some of their favourite activities.  As other children arrived, introductions were made and they joined the tour.

The CBA manual instructs participants not to interfere in the regular program – they are there to observe.  They are encouraged to stay out of the way and simply monitor and take notes.  The children made our visitor a part of the program.  She had no choice but to be involved.

I’m sure our visitor gained some insight into what goes on in a typical day here.  She made several comments about things she could take back to use in her own program.  Sometimes it is hard to tell who is the teacher, student, or observer.

What do you think?

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