Winter Games

It has been eleven days since my last post – it seems that blog writing has succumbed to the same fate as many of my other tasks.  This is the time of year that I find it the most difficult to get things done.  Mounds of paperwork are piling up and there are many items on my ‘to do’ list that are demanding attention.

Winter has lost its thrill and spring is still so far away I can’t get excited about it.  It takes far too many cups of coffee to get me moving in the morning especially considering that I am a morning person this is my peak time of day.

I watch the children for inspiration but many of them are showing signs of cabin fever.  Outdoors remains the only place where there is no bickering, whining or complaining.

The recent balmy weather followed by a frigid cold blast has resulted in a had ice layer everywhere.  I don’t even bother getting out the shovels any more since they cannot penetrated the surface of the snow and since I haven’t been brave enough to supply ice picks for the children so they can no longer dig.  They have managed to find some interesting ice formations to play with;

This is a leaf blower
Something we don't want to break

One of their favourite activities is playing Hide and Seek. Four children can fit in the tunnel at the same time;

And the garden is another favourite hiding place although snowsuits don’t provide the best camouflage in winter.

You may notice that the children are the ones doing the hiding and I am the one seeking.  This is due to the fact that the reason they are hiding is so they can eat chunks of ice and I keep telling them not to. Sigh. Ok, so there is one person who is whining and complaining.

What do you think?

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