Nature in the City

I wanted to write a post to celebrate Earthday but working on my taxes has taken most of the day and I’m not even done yet!  I’m going to take a break and reminisce about the highlights of our visit to Fort Whyte Alive last weekend.

I think it is great that we have so many wonderful places in and around our city where we can connect to nature.  It has been several years since I’ve explored Fort Whyte and I had forgotten how amazing it was.

I was enchanted by this young couple who chose a spot alongside the path so we could almost touch them.

Who needs a gargoyle when you’ve got a goose nesting on the roof of your sod house?

The bison didn’t seem bothered by the cold wet conditions but up on the viewing mound we certainly were – didn’t dress appropriately for the weather.

We visited the tipi encampment to get a short break from the wind.  It was a rare occasion that I agreed to have my picture taken – I prefer to be behind the camera.  My son wouldn’t join me in the picture – he claimed it would steal his soul.

The tour of the farm was my favourite part of the day. They have so many amazing programs here.  Watching and playing with the chickens just reinforced my desire to have chickens in my backyard.

I wish the city bylaws would allow me to have a few…chickens, ducks, and maybe a goat or two.  The children and I would never want to come back inside.

When I was reading the brochure I discovered something else too.  There are trails that connect all the way from Fort Whyte to the Assiniboine Park!?!?  We didn’t know that.  The boy and I could hardly contain our excitement.  We would definitely have to do that.  My husband began to whimper.  OK then, not today, but someday soon. 🙂