Just the Highlights

This weekend I planned to write a post about our recent gardening adventures but since I was enlisted to help with sheeting and shingling the porch roof I didn’t have enough time left to write.  Suffice it to say I will never take on roofing as a career and this week’s post will simply be a few pictures of some of the children’s activities last week.

Early in the week the bugs from the nature area were the toy of choice — I don’t know exactly what they were doing, sometimes I think it is better that I don’t ask.

The children also initiated a storytime session in the nature area;

Outside they helped my son create a unique sculpture;

They called the finished product a “Northern Branch Turtle”

It rained overnight which meant there were some more activity options;

And there was water for our soup but when too much ‘stuff’ was added we had to try to get it out without losing any of the precious broth;

In the past they have just dumped it all out but we are learning to conserve water since it isn’t always available.

We played in the tunnels;

And found a dead dragonfly in the garden;

We love dragonflies and hope this one didn’t die as a result of the city spraying to kill cankerworms.

We ended the week with more water fun when we got to clean the old plant pots;

It was a very productive week.

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