The Rope

Today I planned to write about some of the changes that I made to our learning environment during my vacation but when I checked through the pictures on my camera I realized that there were still a bunch of pictures from the last week before my vacation.  So, before I forget again, here’s the story of the rope…

My nearly 17 year old son has been enamoured by the Wilderness Survival book we bought and has been practicing various knots.  He joined us outside one day and showed the children how to measure distance using a rope with knots tied at one foot intervals;

Then the children asked him to tie the rope to one of the logs — they had a plan;

The log was on one side of the yard;

And they stood on the other side — and working together they pulled really hard;

And successfully tipped over the log;

But what were they looking for?

Aha! The prize;