We have many different types of blocks.  I can not have them all out at the same time — there simply isn’t enough room.  I rotate the various block sets so we have a chance to try them all.  The wooden blocks are the most popular.

‘Towers’ are the favorite thing to build.  Sometimes it is all about the height;

Sometimes there is more detail;

Often, once we master a new feature we like to include it in all our buildings;

And combine features together;

Until they become more than just a tower — this one is a ‘camera’

This ‘tower’ eventually became a ‘wall’;

And this one is an amazing caslte;

But the towers don’t just get built in the block area.  There are some in the housekeeping area too.

And outside where there are exciting new elements available;

But my favourite thing about towers is that they are magnetic.  No matter who starts building a tower it will ultimately become a group project.  From “Can I help you?” to “Can you pass me that piece?” to “Hey, maybe we can use this.” towers build collaboration and cooperation.

What do you think?

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