More Parts for Play

My husband has been organizing his shed and getting rid of things he doesn’t need.  He asked if I wanted to go through the pile of miscellaneous wood pieces to see if I wanted any of it for the loose parts area.  What a silly question, like I’d say no to an invitation like that.

So our loose parts area is looking a little more substantial;

I was eager to see what the children might do with the new items.  They noticed it immediately when they went out in the yard and they quickly moved much of the wood to the ‘workbench’.

Interesting how quickly the box/stage suddenly became a workbench — and ironic since if I hadn’t rescued the wood it would have been under the box in the fire pit.

The children did a lot of sorting and rearranging of the various pieces of wood while they decided what to do with it.  You could see how hard they were thinking.

Of course they started by building a tower;

I’m not sure how it stayed standing — I cringed every time they added another piece but it never tipped over.  Maybe we’ve got some architects here.

Then they made some ‘frames’ — aptly named;

The frame became a decorative element for the stage and there was a brief demonstration;

From there the creation continued to evolve and the frame became much more elaborate with many new features;

I love loose parts and all their possibilities.

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