The Queen

Fall is near.  It is dark when I get up at 5:00am each morning.  I miss the early morning sun that used to shine upon the nature area and greet me when I came downstairs to start my day;

September is a time of transition.  The smaller group and new members mean we are charting new territory.  Planning activities is difficult — we don’t really know each other yet — I want to ease into this new season.

We have been sharing many stories.  Stories of exciting new adventures in school.  Conversations to get to know new friends.  There has also been a lot of reminiscing about the things we did over the summer.  One of the children referred to Mindy (the dog) as ‘The Queen” which reminded us all of our Egyptian period.

It began when I trimmed some of the branches off the willow which had been growing out of control.  I left the cut branches in the gravel area for the children to play with. These branches offered a new dimension.

The willow branches were still soft and flexible — not hard and rigid like the other sticks.    They had leaves attached and they made noise when you waved them.  They made cool flags, and fans.

The children enlisted Mindy to be the ‘Queen of Egypt’ and they were her sevants.  Mindy seemed a little unsure of her role at first — why were they fanning her with branches;

She soon settled into her throne and welcomed the constant attention;

Some of the servants were using leaves and water to wash the rocks around her;

Interesting how the child who dressed the part of royalty preferred to play the part of servant.

Once all the rocks were wet and shiny the servants used smooth sticks to polish them dry.  Who knew that the friction of rubbing sticks on rocks would dry them off?  Certainly not an activity that I would have thought of suggesting but it was definitely intriguing;

The Queen continued to rest as the servants worked hard.  Such a busy group.

As we move into this new season there will be many more discoveries.  No need to rush, just wait and see.

What do you think?

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