The Camera

I’ve written about the boy before.  The boy is my youngest son – almost an adult now.  He likes to be considered ‘eccentric’.  To me he is a great example of intrinsic motivation.  Sometimes he refuses to do something simply because it is popular with others but when something interests him he pursues it passionately.

He enjoys school but he doesn’t get great grades – admittedly sometimes they are bad.  He tends to be stubborn and is not swayed by ‘incentives’ so if he’s not interested he can’t be persuaded. I’ve had calls from teachers who don’t always like my responses. When asked to ‘get him to stop making disruptive noises in class’ I’ve said ‘stop letting him get bored’.  I may be enabling him.

He’s good with math and technology but music, art and nature motivate him.  His latest interest is photography.  He’s been saving his money to buy a good camera.  Saving money is hard when you can’t find an acceptable job – one that doesn’t involve fast food or anything that is bad for the environment.

He finally succeeded in saving enough for a Nikon COOLPIX P500 which he purchased last weekend.  We went to Fort Whyte Alive on Sunday so he could practice using it.  These are some of his photos;

He particularly likes the close-up shots;

This is one of my favorites;

I’m using it for wallpaper on my computer 🙂 and looking forward to seeing more pictures as he explores.

What do you think?

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