It was two years ago that we took down the playstructure in the yard to make room for a more natural playspace.  As usual with any of my projects, we reuse or recycle as much as possible.

The 4 x 4 posts that  had provided the main support for the playstructure were big and bulky so at first I just left them in the gravel area of the yard.  The children loved them; they walked on them, sat on them, drove cars on them and so much more.

As work on the new playspace continued the 4 x 4’s got moved around often to get them out of the way but they never got removed from the yard.  Why would I ever take away a piece of play equipment that was so popular?  I’m certain the children would have objected.

The problem was that there simply wasn’t enough room to keep them in the gravel area once we brought in all the new stuff.  So, I moved them onto the deck and that is where they remain.

Several years later they continue to be popular.  Last week the 3 and 4 year olds spent all morning on the beams.  They walked up, across, and down;

They also did it in reverse — the photo doesn’t really capture it well but he is walking backwards along the beam;

They crawled too — they like to pretend to be cats;

And this method — on hands and feet — proved to be the most difficult of all;

They were so persistent.  I’m glad we kept those 4 x 4’s.  In fact, when they get too old I’m certain I will buy more to replace them.  I think everyone should have a few in their yard. 🙂