Wonderful Playground

I recently went to check out the new playground over by the Living Prairie Museum.  I don’t know if this playground/park is actually part of the LPM property or if it has a different name.  It is located just outside the prairie fence and seems to be more of a ‘manicured’ park but it has a ‘nature’ theme so I love it!

In fact, I would love my yard to look like this playground.  Thanks Kristi for letting me know about it or I may not have ever gone to explore it.  Now my absolute favorite part of the park is this;

That is such a perfect climber for a ‘natural’ playground.  I’m already tring to figure out where/how to get something like this for my yard too.  Here’s another view;

There is another area of the playground with rocks and stumps — I love this area too.  I particularly like that it combines both the natural and imitation elements. I don’t have nearly enough room for this in my yard but I can dream 🙂

I’m not certain if work on this playground is complete yet because there are still some ‘remnants’ laying around;

I consider these ‘bonus’ items — I want them too!  Then there is the big pile of dirt and sod that I believe is from the areas they cleared for the sand and bark around the play zones.  I’m secretly hoping they are actually going to leave the dirt pile there as an additional play feature.  I think someone else has the same wish;

‘Cleaning up’ would mean destroying this little guy’s home 😦

Special thanks to my son for coming to explore with me and for taking these pictures with his fancy new camera.

One thought on “Wonderful Playground”

  1. You’re welcome Cheryl! Glad you enjoyed it at much as I did!

    Also, I mentioned to the staff at the LPM (who in fact do have most of the say as to what happens at the park) that the dirt pile stay too! It was a hugr hit not only with my son but with my 16 preschoolers during this summer’s field trip!

    Can’t wait to see what the new park at the Forks looks like!

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