Snow Starved

The children want snow.  There was snow in the forecast for last weekend but it produced little more than a light dusting on the deck. On Monday when we went out to play the children tried to pick up some of the light fluffy flakes — it was nearly impossible.

They need more snow.  They long to dig in snow and explore.  They yearn to jump into piles of snow.  They dream of building stuff with snow.  The little bit of snow that is in the yard has been trampled down and compacted to the point where it is really just a hard coating of ice on the ground.

The children play tag.  They enjoy tag but they want to do more.  Tag is becoming mundane.  We’ve tried adding some new movements and characters to the tag game.  Things like animals stalking prey or bumper cars but it is still just another version of tag.

We reminisce about the last time there was new snow.  They were so excited.  Look what we found!

“I think those are Mindy’s” (dog tracks).

“Hey I found some more over here in the garden.  These ones are too small to be Mindy’s – maybe there was a rabbit looking for food”.

Those don’t look like rabbit tracks – it was probably a cat.  Let’s follow them and see where they go.

They tried so hard not to step on the tracks.  They examined the imprints that they made with their own boots.  That seems so long ago — almost an eternity in preschool years.

Let it snow – please….