It was more than five years ago that I first made these;

I used three different sizes of heavy weight cardboard tubes from plastic wrap and tin foil. After cutting the tubes in half I wrapped them with self adhesive shelf liner in a variety of colours.  Later I added some Velcro strips to the ends of some of the tubes.

It was originally an activity that I used as an entry for my CBA portfolio.  Having used ‘disposable’ supplies to create these, I did not intend to use them for so many years but I have been pleasantly surprised.  Maybe because I regularly rotate toys in and out of the playroom they don’t get constant use and last longer.

I put the tubes in the playroom as ‘loose parts’ with no specific purpose and let the children decide what to do with them.  The list of things they come up with is endless. This child has built a ‘robot’ complete with a ‘face’ using a Velcro pineapple from the housekeeping area.

The tubes are also used to make zoos for animals and obstacle courses for cars;

Recently the baby has been making some discoveries with the tubes;

Reaching for one and getting more.  Trying to figure out why they stick together and how to get them apart;

Sometimes finding that it is not only the tubes that get stuck;

Adding a little more challenge to developing mobility.