I have designated the ‘living room’ of my home as the main play space for the children.  The sunroom is used for arts and crafts as well as group activities.  Other than the kitchen there is only one other room on the main floor of my home and it serves many purposes.

Located just off the kitchen it is used mainly as the dining room but it has other functions too. The dining room is only 9 feet wide and 13 feet long and has built in cupboards along one end wall so that leaves just 99 square feet of floor space. This small multipurpose room must be versatile in order to meet all our requirements.

Most of the time all three pieces of the large table are arranged like this;

Allowing room for five older children or adults to sit here for a meal or snack.

The preschoolers have their own smaller table and chairs;

When not in use this small table uses up a lot of valuable floor space so, I stack the chairs and flip the table onto one side;

And slide it into the cabinet;

Once the toddler table is put away and the cabinet doors are shut this area serves as the entertainment center;

Arranging the tables and chairs like this the multipurpose room is now ready for my husband and I to relax and spend the evening reading, listening to music or watching TV.

Of course, sometimes I host committee meetings in the evenings too.  Then the pieces of the large table get arranged like this;

Additional folding or stacking chairs may be brought in as needed;

By connecting my notebook to the TV everything is now ready for the meeting;

That’s not all though.  Since this is also the only room in the house where I can easily clear up a section of open floor space, this is also sometimes used as an indoor workshop for building projects. 🙂

Dining room, living room, boardroom or workshop – this is a versatile room.

What do you think?

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