Cheeseburger Bites

When making changes to our menu I usually try a new recipe once or twice before deciding whether or not to add it as a regular menu item.  There are several factors that I use to determine which recipes to add.  They include;

  1. Can it be made ahead so it does not interfere with our pre-lunch program?
  2. Is it something that at least a majority of the children will eat?
  3. Does it use ingredients that are readily available?
  4. Can the recipe be adjusted depending on the ages and number of children in attendance that particular day?

Cheeseburger bites is one of those recipes that almost didn’t make the cut due to item #2.  There were several children who were very slow to warm up to this new menu item.  I was persistent though.  I didn’t believe that they didn’t like the taste since at first many of them refused to actually take a bite of one.  They made their judgement based on the fact that they did not recognise the food.

We’ve had it several times now and most of the children have grown to love it so, here is the recipe.

Cheeseburger Bites

  •  1½ cups flour
  • 2 tsp seasoning*
  • 1½ cup water
  • ¾ cup hard margarine
  • 6 large eggs
  • 1 lb scramble-fried ground beef
  • 1½ cup grated cheddar cheese
  • 4 diced green onions

Combine flour and seasoning in a small cup.  Heat and stir water and margarine in a heavy saucepan on high until boiling and the margarine is melted.  Reduce heat to medium.  Add flour mixture all at once.  Stir vigorously for about one minute until mixture pulls away from side of saucepan to form soft dough.  Remove from heat. Let stand for a few minutes.

Add eggs one at a time to dough, beating after each addition until well combined.  Dough will be thick and glossy.  Add beef, cheese and onions.  Mix well.  Drop by spoonfuls onto greased baking sheets.  Bake in 425* F oven for 15–17 minutes until golden.  Let stand 5 minutes before moving to wire rack to cool. Makes about 60 pieces.

Note: For seasoning I use a mix of dried, ground onions, peppers etc – you could use garlic powder, seasoning salt or whatever seasoning you like.

Cheeseburger Bites

I serve them with salad and some sort of dipping sauce (the children usually choose ketchup).

I will admit that this is one of the few recipes that I make the evening before instead of in the morning before the children arrive because it is a little more time consuming than some of the other recipes that I make.  It warms up easily in either the oven or microwave.

What do you think?

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