Colour and Decor

At lunch on Monday, one of the preschoolers entertained us with a creative story.  It went something like this;

‘There once was a lady who was in the war and now she hates colour.  She uses a bow and arrow to shoot things.  The arrows have bad magic and they take the colour away and turn everything grey.”

Wow! Great imagination.

I can relate.  Everything outside is grey — and dusty.  A few days of rain would help wash all that residue away. Until then we’ll just have to be creative  to brighten up the yard.

Yesterday the children were busy with the eggs — sorting and stacking;

Mixing the ‘ingredients’ for soup;

Adding some broth;

And even using the eggs to brighten up the somewhat dismal ‘sunflower garden’ that they planted;

Yes, the snow melted early but we’re getting tired of grey.  Bring on the colours of spring!

What do you think?

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