Photo A Day April – Week 1

I met Sarah at the 2010 Nature Summit  and I’ve been following her blog since then.  I eagerly anticipated her photo challenge instalments — so many wonderful photos!

When she posted a new photo challenge list for the month of April I thought I’d join in the fun.  I have a new camera and this might be just the opportunity I need to try out some of its many features instead of just leaving it on ‘auto’ all the time. So, here’s my attempt for April 1-7;

1. Your Reflection — rough start since I don’t like getting my picture taken and a self portrait is especially difficult.  I finally managed this;

2. Colour — endless possibilities here — I took several and decided to use this one;

3. Mail — We have a lot of mail here everyday;

4. Someone who makes you happy — Mali, always waiting for someone to cuddle;

5. Tiny — I was trying to decide what to photograph for this one when suddenly the children found a spider in the toy bin 🙂 I experimented with greyscale instead of colour;

6. Lunch — Oooh, I was working in the yard all day and didn’t stop for lunch so I guess this is it;

7. Shadow — I originally took this one in March but never got around to using it in a blog post.  The children had commented on the pattern made when only the frost in the sunny spots melted.  I thought it was a perfect example of shadow;

Coming up next week — inside your wallet, younger you, cold, what you ate for breakfast, stairs, something you found, and how you feel today….

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