Photo A Day April — Week 2

Time for my second instalment of pictures from the April photo challenge.

8. Inside Your Wallet – please note the prominence of the tape measure and the colour sample cards — essential items to have with me at all times;

9. Younger You — Easy one thanks to the album my mother made;

10. Cold — We drain and cover the water barrels in the fall so they do not freeze and crack over winter — we may have opened them up a little too early this spring though;

11. Where You Ate Breakfast — I originally thought this was ‘What you had for breakfast’ but since I didn’t get around to taking the picture until later in the day ‘where’ was definitely easier to do.  I always eat breakfast while sitting at my desk catching up on ‘stuff’;

12. Stairs — needs no explanation;

13. Something You Found — Back when ‘Llamas’ were THE topic around here I searched everywhere for llama stuff.  Found this at Ten Thousand Villages — it is made from real llama wool and I love it!

14. How You Feel Today — taxes, relicensing, spring cleaning, program planning etc…

Not my favorite photo but I think it makes the point.

I’ve already got some ideas for next week’s photos but I better get some of this other work done first!