Photo A Day April – Week 3

The third week of the photo challenge began with excitement.

15. Sunset – seems simple enough but when first I saw the colours in the sky I scrambled to find the best vantage point to take the picture.  In the yard the view was blocked by neighbouring buildings so I ran up to the second floor but the windows faced the wrong direction.  My husband suggested that I stand on the shed roof — I hesitated briefly but decided that I didn’t care what the neighbours thought.  I almost ran out of time because it took me so long to climb onto the roof but I managed to get a picture just before the sun disappeared;

16. Flower — there are some plants beginning to grow in the garden but no flowers yet — I chose a fake one indoors;

17. Something You Don’t Like – I could go on a rant about why I don’t like umbrellas but after taking this picture I think maybe they look pretty cool even if they are annoying;

18. Hair — dog hair is everywhere I look;

19. Orange – a touch of rust on the shelf outside

20. Something You Drew – I used to draw a lot – pastels or colored pencils were my favorite drawing tools.  Now I just do the odd sketch but some of my old pictures are hanging in the hall;

21. Bottle – our neighbour gave me this one.  It is very big and I have no idea what to use it for but I like it anyway;

That’s all for this week.  Nine more days remaining — nine more photos and the tax forms that I keep putting off.