Photo A Day April – Week 4

We’ve reached the end of April so here are the last of the challenge photos.

22. The Last Thing You Bought — new additions for the loose parts area — the children had many interesting uses for them during the week but that will be another post;

23. Vegetable – probably not technically a vegetable but salad falls into that food group in the food guide;

24. Something You’re Grateful For — at 5:30 am while preparing for the children to arrive I am definately grateful for coffee;

25. Looking Down – standing on a stool to take a picture from the ceiling of the dining room.  I’ve always considered this ‘wasted space’.  Instead of two storey’s with 9 foot ceilings I’d prefer 3 storey’s with 6 foot ceilings — more floor space and less time climing on stools to reach things 🙂

26. Black & White — trying to find a black and white object was difficult — I like color;

27. Somewhere You Went — the only time I left the house/yard was to go down the street to meet the school bus;

28. 1pm – at that time I was at Jensen’s Nursery without my camera so here’s what I bought while I was there;

29. Circle — I found many perfectly shaped circles but none that I wanted to take a picture of — here’s an irregular circle that I liked better;

30. Something That Makes You Sad — This is the topic for tomorrow’s photo but I’m posting today.  I’m too much of an optimist to go looking for something sad so this one will remain blank.

What do you think?

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