Our Week Outdoors – Day Four

Two days this week we have had a guest visiting us.  A student from the Red River College Early Childhood Education program has been here to do her final Practicum.  On day four of our all week outdoors she brought some stuff to play with.  She started by letting the children examine the cornstarch;

Then they added some water;

The children were a little unsure about the texture at first but after a few minutes they really got into it;

They played for a long time and experimented by adding more cornstarch or water and mixing and squishing;

Then we tried a game of bowling;

Which also included some counting, sorting and matching activities;

The baby has been a little unsure about having someone new around and has stayed very close to me.  Choosing to play with the basket of balls and cones he watches our visitor from a comfortable distance;

However she did get a few smiles from him when she played his favorite game — setting up the cones for him to knock down – just had to make sure she stayed on the opposite side of the beam;

In the afternoon there was a brief thunderstorm — the three youngest children slept through it. 🙂 The rest of us played in the rain.