Cooperative Building

Nearly two months ago I wrote about the new wood pieces that I added to the loose parts area.  I was eagerly anticipating them being used to create some amazing structures but found that for most of the summer they were rarely used.  The pipes, seen here, were so much more popular that the wood seemed to be forgotten.

Occaisionally one of the children would go off to a corner of the yard and quietly build something independently.  There were roadways for cars;

And some unique structures;

Then one of the children decided to try to build a tall structure and came up with this design;

The other children became interested in this project and discovered that by working together they were able to create a much taller tower;

An amazing 92 inches tall to be exact;

With a T-Rex to stand guard;

But eventually it fell down – something they even planned for – ensuring no one was in the path of the anticipated collapse;

And then together they started all over again….


One thought on “Cooperative Building”

  1. This activity is really great for kids. They will going to have fun, they would think how to build the structure and they did it hand-in-hand….

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