Nature Summit 2012

This past weekend I attended the 2nd Manitoba Nature Summit.  I worked with an amazing committee to organize this event.  The first nature summit was held in 2010 and I wrote about it here.

The 2012 Summit was bigger and better than the first.  I already miss the Nature Summit experience and I can’t wait to get started on planning for 2014.  I can not relay the experience through a simple blog post but I will share a a few pictures with you.

There were some exciting workshops – and they were not held in a hotel conference room;

We had time to partake in a variety of activities like archery;

mountain biking and hiking etc;

We were introduced to ‘fox walking’;

and practiced it ourselves walking barefoot through the field and forest;

We ate wonderful food from Diversity Catering – this was just a snack;

Evenings were spent going on night hikes or singing and telling stories around the campfire;

The early morning sun promised another day of fabulous weather;

Saturday began with an inspiring keynote address from Severn Suzuki who told us about how her early experiences in nature led her to address the 1992 UN Earth Summit.  We connected with her through a video conference in order to reduce our impact on the earth;

The Nature Summit ended with an emotional closing ceremony;

An experience that cannot be put into words.

Nature Summit 2014 seems so far away but I know it will be worth the wait….

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