First Snow

Winter is on its way.  Yesterday there was a light dusting of snow.  I like snow much more than rain,  I like the way it highlights the surfaces;

We can still see the grass and I like the contrast between the green and white;

I planned to take the children for a walk first and then play in the yard.  The sidewalks were so slippery that the toddlers had difficulty staying upright.  We just made it to the end of the block before turning back.  Then we were facing the wind — hello winter!  That was quite a shock prompting the 5 year old to shudder and ask “Is winter almost over?”

Luckily the back yard was sheltered from the wind and not slippery like the sidewalks.  The children and I were much happier here.  I noticed several of these around the yard;

I was informed that they were rainbows;

The children’s favourite activity was running back and forth on the walkway;

They had a lot of fun and there were some tears when it was time to come in.  Yes, winter shocked us a little at first but we love it.

What do you think?

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