The Perfect Amount of Snow

I’ve heard people complaining – sarcastic comments like “It’s snowing again.  Just what we need – more snow.”  Personally I think we have the perfect amount of snow.

The tunnel under the hill looks like this;


I usually clear the snow away from the entrances to the tunnel but on one inservice day the school-age children built up the snow there to create a ‘jail’.  I didn’t want to disturb their structure so I left it and more snow has accumulated there.  The school-age children would no longer be able to get inside the tunnel but some of the preschoolers can and love it;


The path through the garden is terrific;


Not at all like it was in February 2012;


That was just a pathetic amount of snow.

However, in 2011 we had far too much snow even for me and I like snow.  In 2011 I nearly ran out of places to put the snow and the garden looked like this;


Too much snow in 2011. Too little snow in 2012.  The perfect amount of snow in 2013 🙂

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