Baby’s Lunchtime Pattern

‘It’s time for lunch. Patience please. I’m getting your food just as fast as I can.’

I have no words but my actions say, I’m hungry so hurry I want to eat right away.

‘Today I’ve got some green beans for you to try.  Here’s the first bite so open wide.’

Ewww I don’t like them. I won’t open my mouth. If you try to give me more I’ll baulk and I’ll cry.

‘Would you like some strawberries instead of the beans? I have some right here; just try them you’ll see.”

I’m not sure what is on that spoon that you have, but I’m still very hungry, I might try a little.

‘A small bite to try and find that it’s true, there are strawberries here on this spoon just for you.’

Yes, strawberries, I love them. I want some more please.

‘OK, here’s a big bite of strawberries, so tasty and sweet.’

Oh thank-you, I can’t get enough of those succulent berries.  I’m eager to get on with this meal right this moment.

‘Another big spoonful is headed your way, to fill your tummy at lunch time today.’

Hey wait; there is something that is not right. There were beans on that spoon – beans I wasn’t expecting.

I see you’re disappointed those were not what you wanted, have some more strawberries to wash down that taste.

And so it continues all through the meal.  A pattern of color – first green and then red.  A pattern of emotion both happy and mad.


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