Plans for the Yard

He started it.

Last fall my husband made a comment about wanting to move the fence in the back so both our vehicles could park side by side instead of the L shaped parking we currently have.  I was sceptical at first – it seemed like a lot of work to create a parking area that for me would be more difficult than the current yard arrangement.

I was also concerned about loosing a section of the gravel area – he said it would only be a few feet in width because our current parking spot was wider than necessary for one car – in fact he often parked on a diagonal in that spot because there was so much extra space.

I liked the extra space – I don’t like to drive and I detest parking.  Sure, he thinks there’s way more room than we need to park the car – he’s used to driving a bus.  I would rather walk than have to try and park in an ‘adequate’ space. However, the ‘diagonal’ comment got me thinking – and measuring.

You see, there are some other issues with our yard but every time I plan a project he complains that he is getting too old to do all this stuff and he was going to quit.  I wasn’t going to change anything in the yard but he started it.  I probably should have recorded that initial conversation as evidence.

Anyway, I had all winter to consider options and work on a plan.  I started to get excited by the prospects.  The late spring put a damper on my plans – I really wanted it done so we could enjoy our new space all summer.  The back yard and parking area – approx 33ft x 40ft total – currently looks like this;


The upper deck is my biggest issue.  It is a nice sized covered space – about 90 square feet – but it is mostly just a dumping ground for odds & ends.  I don’t use it as a play area because when we are in the yard the shed blocks my view of the upper deck.  I wanted to use it as a messy art area that could be accessed from indoors or out in all seasons.

The shed itself is another concern.  Currently it is home to the BBQ, the scooter, and my husband’s tools/workshop.  When the large tools are used they are set up on the walkway and even then, space is still limited.  The children and I cannot be playing in the yard when my husband is working there – this means less outdoor time for us and less project time for my husband.

The side yard – located on the other side of the upper deck – has been the dog’s yard for the past 13 years.  It is a fairly large space about 9ft x 30ft and has always been off limits as a play space.  I suggested that if my husband put his tool shed/workshop in the side yard then he would have plenty of useable workspace and the children and I would never be in his way.

Constriction of the new 6ft x 8ft tool shed began last week and soon the tools will migrate over from the old shed.  The old shed in the back yard is 8ft x 10ft and is built on the lower deck.  After the tools are moved we will be able to disassemble and remove roughly half of the old shed and expose a 5ft x 8ft area of the lower deck adjacent to the walkway.

I am hoping to also add a portable gazebo/shade shelter on this new larger area of ground level deck.  The entrance to the garden will also change and include a small bridge over the sweet grass.  With decent weather all of this should be completed before my upcoming ‘vacation’ when we have other projects to tackle.  The parking area will have to wait until later in the summer but when complete the yard should look something like this;


It will be a wonderful area to play – or relax if I ever feel so inclined.

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