A Week in Pictures

Last week was the first full week back after my ‘vacation’.  I am super excited that this summer’s group seems to be getting along so well.  Their creativity and cooperation have been demonstrated in many ways.  Here are just a few things I saw out in the yard last week.

An interesting roadway built for the cars;


This contraption;


Of course there was plenty of ‘cooking’;



And some mashed plant artwork on the tree stumps;



Some interesting ‘leaf art’;


There was a campfire;


And some ‘jerky’;


I was told that these were ‘tweezers’;


And these were ‘chicken rolls’;


This was a ‘wishing web’;


I wished for more fabulous activities like these. 🙂

My favourite comment overheard this week was “I like making things with nature items because even if we don’t clean up our stuff we are not hurting the environment.”

I can’t wait to see what they think of the changes I made to the the yard this weekend – and what they do with it.

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