Thwarted Again

I’m not usually one to complain about the weather.  Truthfully, I love all types of weather – in moderation.  However, the recent weather has been somewhat disappointing.

Daytime high temperatures in the low 20’s (Celsius) are normally something that I would consider perfect weather for just about anything.  The problem is that we don’t reach those temperatures until late afternoon.  The bulk of our outdoor time is in the morning and lately it has been cold in the morning.  Very cold.

Of course, sometimes we don’t dress properly for the weather – stubbornly wearing shorts and T-shirts because it’s supposed to be SUMMER.  Shivering and trying to find a small patch of sunlight to sit in (the sun shades are set up to protect us from the intense rays of the sun).  Even when we wear sweaters or jackets we want to find a sunny spot to sit.


As part of this summer’s yard reno we moved my husband’s workshop/shed to the side yard to open up more play space on the deck.  The remaining portion of the back yard shed now houses daycare supplies such as all the water toys which I can now access easily even when the children are here.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been warm enough to take advantage of this and have a full blown water day event.

After my vacation the shed/deck/garden area still looked like this;


The following weekend we cut out the garden window and built the new bridge over the sweet grass;


The children call it ‘the dock’ even though there’s no water under it.  It connects the new deck area to the garden path;


This past long weekend I had planned to paint the somewhat ugly deck with a new type of paint that I found at Home Depot.  It’s called Behr Deck Over and I was really excited by the prospect.  The product needs 72 hours to fully cure so I figured the long weekend would be the perfect chance to complete this project.  Wrong.  Cloudy, cold and even a little rain.  The deck is still ugly.  I did however use some of the paint on the shed.


I love the results.  The old OSB normally tends to flake off but this paint seems to have sealed the surface very well with only one coat;


I love the texture – wish it was warm enough to do the deck.

What do you think?

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