Too Old to Crawl

The youngest baby in our group does not yet walk.  I expect that he will be walking soon – he stands to play but still prefers to crawl or scoot when there’s somewhere he wants to be. Some of the older children have taken to crawling now too.  On seeing this one parent responded by saying ‘Hey, you’re too old to crawl’.

Nope.  In fact, I’m waaay older and I crawl too.

You see, the youngest baby has only been here for a couple weeks.  He’s still a little clingy.  He’s content to play as long as I am sitting.  I don’t need to be close to him but if I stand he will scoot over to me and expect to be picked up. The quicker I respond the less severe the meltdown will be.

Two other toddlers have noticed this and are concerned the baby is getting too much ‘air time’.  They are faster and can generally reach me before the baby does. I drop to the ground and there’s a brief period where all three of them jostle for a position on my lap.  After everyone is certain I’m not leaving or excluding anyone they all return to playing.  It takes forever for me to get anything done.

I cannot carry three infants/toddlers every time I walk across the room – the ice pack on my back is proof that I’m too old for that.  So, I crawl – I’m not too old to crawl.  Soon I will be able to walk again.