I was working on a post last week but didn’t get it finished before the weekend arrived – and the beginning of the playroom reno.  The other post will have to wait so I can show you the new and improved playroom.

The main problem with old arrangement was the entrance/walkway area – I wrote about it here.  I devised a plan to solve the congestion by ‘flipping’ the play areas.  It took three days – half a day for demo, one and a half for the rebuild, and the final day for painting and finish work.

This was one view of the playroom before the flip;


And this is what it looks like now;

Flip02-afterThis is the North East corner of the playroom before;


It was the housekeeping area – now it is the music/workshop area;


The South West area before;


Is now the new houskeeping area;


Here’s another view of the houskeeping area;


And this is the new – uncongested – entrance to the playroom;


Now I’m waiting for the children to arrive so I can see what they think of the new space…




One thought on “Flipped”

  1. I absolutely love how you have organized everything in such a way that it looks appeasing to the eye. It looks very accessible and easy to clean because everything seems to have its own space!

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