Seeking Childcare?

If you require childcare now or sometime in the future I highly recommend that you place your child’s name on the Online Childcare Registry.

This registry provides an up-to-date list of parents seeking childcare and allows me to search by child’s age or date that childcare is required for.  They even have a box to check if you were previously on my paper waitlist (which was very difficult for me to use).

They have an excellent guide which outlines every detail of the registration process if you need any assistance.

The Online Childcare Registry is the first place I check when I do have an available childcare space.

Alternatively you could email me at to request more information about possible spaces.  I keep a file of email requests for childcare but I do not review it until after I have checked the online registry.

I am trying to move away from using a paper waitlist and therefore discourage parents from phoning me when they are seeking childcare.

Adventures in Family Childcare

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