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Back to Work

The first week back to work after vacation was very busy.  There have been some periods of adjustment but I think we’re settling into a good routine.  I’ve already written about a few of our activities like the Reno Boxes and the Rona Parts but here is a short recap of the rest of the week.

A mini project from my vacation was the addition of the cat loft.  Mali likes the view from above as the children call her name and wave;

My goal was really just to get the cats’ beds out of the hallway but the cats are thrilled to have a new retreat to relax in;

One of the children made a roller coaster for the toy bugs in the playroom — Mali loved that too, purrr.  I think she missed having the children here to play with.

We had a full day of water activities with five different water stations.  This was the most popular one according to the younger children;

They were making coffee.  The older children preferred the boat locks – experimenting with using the pump to raise and lower the water level to get the boats to their destination.

But by far the favorite activity this week has been watching the leaf cutter bees;

There are two of them that have been diligently working to line their nest with leaves in preparation to lay their eggs.  I believe they are supposed to be solitary bees but both of them have chosen the same crack in a log;

The children have been very observant and have discovered which leaves in the yard are the ones that the bees like best;

And some of them decided to help out by building a ‘bee hive’;


Indoors or Out

We’ve had some crazy weather recently.  Some days the temperature has been above zero but within days it is back to a frigid -30C. We’ve even had days where my sheltered back yard has been whipped by wind.

This weather has resulted in the daily dilemma — ‘Should we stay indoors or go out to play?’  Actually, the question really is how long we should stay out since only once have I decided we should not go out at all.  Some days we’ve only been outside for 10 or 15 minutes but usually it is much longer.

The cats seem to think they’d like to go out;

But that’s really only because they want the neighbours ‘pets’;

When the children and I are inside we work on projects like these sun catchers;

Outdoors we’ve made cakes;

I love the ‘fire’ that the children make — they sit here to ‘warm up’

Their biggest complaint is the lack of snow.  They spend a great deal of time relocating the little snow we do have to the area of the yard they want to play in;

Indoors or out — working together and having fun.

Monday Morning Cats

Today I stray from my usual topic.  I’m tired.  I got very little sleep last night – because my cat has insomnia.  You’re probably thinking that cats are nocturnal so they don’t normally sleep at night.  Well, that may be true for other cats but mine are different.

Mali and Malta are sisters.  They have distinct personalities.  Malta is the trouble maker – the leader – the one that initiates everything. She is also very sneaky about it so she doesn’t often get caught.  Mali is generally much more laid-back.  She has two favourite activities – eating and sleeping.  That is obvious when you look at her.

Mali is also obsessive.  When she does get started in an activity (that was initiated by Malta) she goes all out and nothing can dissuade her.  Take ‘eating’ for instance.  The cats have their own bowls in separate areas – so Malta gets some food.  I feed Malta downstairs first and while she is eating I get Mali to follow me upstairs to her dish.  Sometimes I feed her one piece of food at a time so she doesn’t swallow mouthfuls without chewing.  When the food is gone she licks the entire surface of the bowl just to make sure it is empty.  Then she runs downstairs and licks Malta’s empty bowl before running back upstairs to lick her bowl again – and so it continues.  It is her exercise program and it lasts until she decides to go to sleep.

Like most sisters, sometimes they get along and sometimes they don’t.  I bought them a large cat bed so they could sleep together when they want to;

They also have another smaller foam bed with a roof that they like to use sometimes too but mostly for playing.  Last week Mali dove into it during a play session and her weight caused the bed to slide across the upstairs hallway and then tumble down the stairs.  The thunderous noise attracted a great deal of attention and she was very embarrassed.

So, back to last night when Mali couldn’t sleep; I fed her at bedtime as usual but then she stayed up.  I kept hearing noises that I couldn’t identify so I got up to see what it was. I found Mali at the bottom of the stairs with a bag of bagels – full of teeth marks and holes.  Malta was probably there too but she hides.  Mali just sits there, staring at me.

I cleaned up the mess and tried to go back to bed.  Mali came too, but only so she could complain to me because she couldn’t find her bagels.  I finally fell asleep but only briefly.  I awoke due to the fact I had trouble breathing because Mali was sitting on my chest.  I opened my eyes and looked into two huge pools of blackness as she stared back at me telling me that she couldn’t sleep.

I pushed her off and tried to ignore her incessant efforts to get my attention but now I couldn’t sleep either.  What if she was trying to tell me something important?  Maybe there was some kind of an emergency?  I got up and checked the whole house – Mali was thrilled to have some company.

I tried to get some sleep but the antics continued.  There was the scary, snake-like cord on the floor and the strange pile of clothes in the corner.  So many things she’s apparently never noticed before.

I’m tired.  It’s Monday morning and I have cats – but they’re sleeping now.