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Our Week Outdoors – Day One

This is our first ‘week outdoors’.  I call this our practice week because attendance will be lower due to the fact that several children in school for all or most of the day.  We are also not spending the entire day outdoors – just the period from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm.  The ‘practice’ part is my ability to coordinate meals and nap time outdoors.  In July, when all the children are in attendance we will be spending all day from drop-off until pick-up outdoors.

So, last week was blazingly hot and humid and I made sure that I got all the sun shades up for this week.  Of course that means it will rain all week.  The rain itself doesn’t concern me but when I read the forecasted high of just 9 degrees Celsius I almost cancelled the event.  One of the children would have been pleased — the rest would have been devastated.  We continued as planned and even though it was cloudy and damp it did not rain much at all.

Now for the highlights of day one – Chalk and water;



On the covered deck – nap time for the youngest;

The older ones continued with the chalk;

Creating impressive artwork;

But even they couldn’t resist an outdoor nap;

Today is supposed to be warmer and maybe there will even be some sun 🙂