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Happy Earth Day

So, yesterday was Earth Day.  I didn’t plan anything specific to celebrate – I prefer child led activities over planned instruction.

One year I had a four-year-old who chose to make ‘confetti’ out of the leftover bits of a hay bale along with miscellaneous items she collected from our garden. She spent the rest of our outdoor play time running around the yard tossing the confetti into the air and cheering ‘Celebrate the Earth!’   The other children joined in.

This year my preschool group is very young.  Early in the day, after everyone arrived and we were playing together in the playroom I mentioned to the group that it was Earth Day.  There was casual interest as I talked about the Earth, the environment, celebrations etc.  Mostly the toddlers just played as they should.

We continued through our regular schedule much like any other day – indoor & outdoor play, meal times, potty breaks, nap etc.  On several occasions the children initiated ‘birthday parties’ – one of their favourite dramatic play themes.  It took me a while to catch on – probably longer than it should have.

After nap time as the first child got up he said ‘Happy Birthday Cheryl’ and then ran off to play.  As I put away the cots and blankets other children came over to wish me a happy birthday too.  Some offered hugs too.  That’s when I finally realized what was going on and tried to fix it.

Me: ‘It’s Earth day, not my birthdayEARTH day’.

Toddlers: ‘Happy Birthday Cheryl’.

Me: ‘No, EARTH day. E-A-R-T-H Earth day’ (spelling for toddlers like that might help).  I showed them the globe and a world map.  ‘Earth‘.

Toddlers: ‘Cake?’

Sigh.  No, no cake.  I didn’t even think of having cake on Earth Day.  In fact, it was hard to think of doing anything different on Earth day because around here we always celebrate nature and the Earth.  We don’t need a special day for that.

Earth day

Play & the Environment

There are many types of play and we all have our favourites; creative and constructive, dramatic and imaginative, active and physical, manipulative and sensory. When our environment is conducive to our preferred activities we can fully immerse ourselves in the activity.  Like the way a messy, dirt filled house can allow me to passionately engage in cleaning – no, wait…that never happens.

But yes, our surroundings and the other people in it can have a significant effect on how we feel and the things we do.  That effect can be either positive or negative.

Recently there have been a few days that were warm and dry enough that the children and I didn’t have to wear mitts and we could get some of the toys from the deck box. Yeah – we were all very excited.  Giggling and “It is summer” cheers could be heard throughout the yard.

Favourite cars were chosen and mountain races were held.  The ponies initiated some type of intervention to persuade the shark that just because he had sharp teeth he didn’t have to be a bad guy. After all, the dinosaurs, crocodiles and even Godzilla were on the ponies’ side. 

There was peace in the world and life was good. Then Saturday morning I awoke to – more snow.  Ok, I know the weather forecasts had predicted it but they are sometimes wrong and I was hoping this was one of those times.  Certainly in November or December I would think that this was pretty;

But it is mid April and I want to see happy ponies galloping through green meadows with flowers and butterflies.  Today I am sticking to my plan to attend the Earth Day celebration at Fort Whyte Alive.  My sixteen year old son and I have been eagerly anticipating this weekend outing (too bad there is no daycare today – the little ones would have loved to come along).

We are going to play outdoors and have some fun. We will ignore that grumblings of our driver who was hoping there would be a cancellation due to inclement weather.  We are going to celebrate the Earth and all its weather conditions.