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Then and Now

Spring break is over and our schedule is back to ‘normal’.  One of the parents asked if I’m happy that the older children have gone back to school.  I’ll admit that sometimes I find some of the older children to be a little ‘needy’ – unable or unwilling to make activity choices and demanding ‘entertainment’.  Mostly though, I much prefer the larger group and the no-school schedule.

So, here are just a few random highlights of the last day of spring break and the first day back to school.

Friday’s favourite activity was the ‘log slide’;

For some the logs were almost the same size as they were;

Over the weekend there was a population explosion of some type of moth in my back yard.  I don’t know what they are but they were covering most of the surfaces and I am a little concerned they may be some type of garden pest that will wreak havoc on our garden this year;

Then Monday morning I realized I didn’t have the vermicelli that I needed for the Turkey Tetrazzini.  I used couscous instead and it was an instant hit – I may modify the recipe permanently.

Now, let’s see what else develops this week….