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Fairy Magic

When our dog was a puppy we took her to obedience classes.  One of the suggestions made was to ensure our strong willed puppy ‘knew her place in the pack’ by always giving her her food after we ate our supper.  Due to her whining and begging through our meal we often sent her outside until we finished eating.  Then, when she came back in her food dish was full.

She is not a puppy anymore – she is 12 years old but she still remembers the ‘food fairy’.  When she is hungry she begs to go out then wants back in right away.  She immediately checks her food dish and if it is still empty she begs to go outside again.  I’ve tried to explain ‘time’ to her but she still has faith in the magic of the food fairy.

A few weeks ago the children went outside to play and discovered that the yard looked like this;


I told them that the ‘ice fairy’ must have come to decorate the yard.  They were so excited – collecting and sorting all the coloured gems of ice.

Since then it has snowed several times and most of the coloured ice has been buried.  This week I made some more – it didn’t take long in our -40 C weather.  It hasn’t really been that cold in my yard.  My weather station has registered between -21 and -24 and the yard is sheltered from the wind.

So the ice fairy came again to decorate the yard.  The children were excited but….they laughed and said ‘Yeah, Cheryl made more ice’.  Apparently I failed to persuade them of the existence of a magic fairy that brings coloured ice.

If the dog could talk I’m sure she’d be able to explain the power of fairy magic.  Until then the ice fairy will continue to brighten up the yard and as spring arrives we may discover all those buried gems too.