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Outdoor Adventures

We’ve been spending a large portion of our days outdoors.  We still come in for meals and naps but go outside for the majority of our play time.

I’ve put up the sunshade and on a few occasions I’ve opened the umbrellas too to provide shelter from the sun’s rays.  There is also a new cover for the tipi:


We added some peat moss to our planters and planted some carrot seeds:


The baby prefers a more hands on approach to gardening:


‘Ben’ and ‘Jen’ – the two worm-like critters  we found in the garden last week – still have a ‘home’ even though they show no signs of life:


Full water barrels and warm weather have allowed the opportunity for some water play too.  This is something new for the babies.  They were hesitant at first but soon realized that they were welcome to join in so they did:


The older children made soup – of course.  This time they added a new ingredient that they called ‘vitamin R’ (rocks):


They also cleaned the yard with ‘cloths’ and a ‘sponge’:


That piece of bark ‘sponge’ did a suprisingly good job:


I’ve got many more pictures of our recent outdoor adventures but I’m running low on time so I’ll save them for the next post.  Make sure you head outdoors for some vitamin N too!