Wish List

This is a list of items that we are currently collecting.  I hope to update it regularly — adding new items when I think of them and deleting items when I have too many.  I’ve also set the page preferences to ‘allow comments’ so if you have something that you don’t know if I would like — just leave a comment and ask.

Scrap pieces of pipes, tubes, hoses, ropes, fabric (particularly textured) etc

Tiles — ceramic, stone, colored glass etc — broken or whole

Logs, tree slices, drift wood, bark, bamboo etc

Pine cones, sea shells, rocks, gems, fossils

Beads, dowels, ribbon, spools, velcro, buttons, zippers

Seeds or samples of various grains

Scraps of leather, hide, fur, and pelts

Sample cards from wall paper, paint colors, etc

Wood scraps of various woods — to compare color, density, grain patterns

Empty food containers

Pump style spray bottles

Small plastic dishes or cups

Clothing items for dress-up area

3 thoughts on “Wish List”

    1. Yes, they have occasionally brought me things from the list. Some of them bring me numerous items that they have found that are not even on the list but the parent thinks I may be able to use.

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