My Child Care

I believe that a childcare program should be modified to meet the specific needs of the children in care.  Each child is a unique individual and requires a flexible program that responds to their needs and strengths and allows them to achieve their developmental potential.

My program is constantly changing depending on the ages, abilities and support needs of the children currently enrolled in my care.  Activities are adapted to include all children regardless of their age, gender, beliefs or abilities.

Curiosity, discovery, creativity, cooperation and independence are fostered through play-based activities, active exploration and meaningful learning opportunities.  I strive to include activities and experiences that allow all the children to develop socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively.

The environment and routines are intended to be informal and relaxed with opportunities for each child and their families to share their distinctive ideas, interests and expertise.  By valuing personal opinions and admiring individuality and consideration we promote respect and responsibility.

Our day consists of a mixture of planned activities, spontaneous adventures, and independent free play. Throughout day the children may engage in activities with the whole group, separately with one or two friends or quietly by themselves.

The children are allowed to opt out of group events like music or story time – I do not insist they participate if they are not interested or otherwise occupied.  They are encouraged to make their own choices and to make suggestions for activities that may not currently be available.  Along with this freedom comes the associated respect and responsibility.  Self discipline and independence are our ultimate goals.

About Me

As the mother of five grown children, I have many years of experience with children.  My family supports my efforts to run a business from our home.  They are often willing to help out with daycare crafts and activities.  My husband has been my substitute on the rare occasions when I must leave the daycare for brief periods of time (meetings / doctor appointments etc.)  My husband and children do need their own space too and for this reason daycare children are not allowed on the second floor of our home.

I have been caring for children in my home since September 1997 and I became licensed November 17, 1997.  Prior to opening my family childcare home I volunteered in nursery and kindergarten classrooms for several years.  I have also actively participated on many school & community committees & associations. I am currently chairperson for the Manitoba Child Care Association’s Family Child Care Committee and a member of the MCCA Board of Directors.

I have completed a number of courses and workshops pertaining to children and child care.  Certificates from these workshops are displayed in the photo album of my daycare.  I continue to take workshops regularly and attend the MCCA’s conference annually.  In December 2008 I earned my Early Childhood Educator II certification through the Manitoba Childcare Program’s Competency Based Assessment.

I enjoy drawing, painting, and playing the piano but don’t have much spare time to spend on these hobbies so I try to integrate them into my daily activities with the children.   I use my love of furniture design and interior decorating to develop a home that incorporates the needs of our family as well as the daycare space.

Our cat Button (affectionately called ‘Monkey Butt’) was adopted in January 2016 and Montgomery in August 2019. The children may pet the cats when the cats allow but they may not chase, grab, or carry the cats.

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Adventures in Family Childcare

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