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Artistic Inspiration

It has been more than two weeks since I renovated the sunroom and I still haven’t managed to get around to writing about it.  You can read about the history of the space here.

I had hoped to have photos and a detailed description about all the areas in the new and improved sunroom but for now I’ve only got this overview photo;

One photo doesn’t show how flexible this space is now but here is one of a portion of the room ‘in use’;

And here’s some art work that was created there;

This is a drawing of a ‘bug hospital’ that this child dreams of running some day.  Here they are describing the various insects that are in the hospital, what is wrong with them and how they are being treated.

Here’s another special piece of artwork;

This one was created by a child who doesn’t like to draw in school because the Kindergarten teacher complains about the quality of their artwork.

Sometimes the art environment makes all the difference.